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Presentation Display Section Almost Available


Our full range of presentation display items that include whiteboards, projectors, display boards, pin boards, notice boards etc.

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Please note that we have added extra product to our office accessories section .

Monday, 13 August 2012

Special On Steel Furniture

Office Furniture

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What is Veneer and Melamine Wood Types?

VENEER - Why Should I Choose Veneer?

Veneer Furniture are more expensive than Melamine but has a high gloss look when coated with "clear coat" finishing.

Wood veneer is used to give furniture or other materials a fine wood grain appearance. It is also used to make plywood, which consists of thin layers of wood veneer glued together. Wood veneer comes in very thin sheets, less than 3 mm thick, and is made of various species of finished or unfinished wood.

Wood veneer can be made from the wood of various species of trees. It is often made from species such as cherry, oak, maple and  birch, as well as rare and exotic species such as Brazilian rosewood and eucalyptus. There are hundreds of different types of wood veneer available. When wood veneer is applied properly, it gives a piece the illusion that is made entirely from the same type of wood as the veneer.

MELAMINE - Why Should I Choose Melamine?

Melamine is combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a very durable thermosetting plastic used in Formica™.

Melamine is a thin layer of "almost the same as plastic" and is not likely to scratch as easy as veneer, but is on the other hand not as shiny and stylish as veneer.
Melamine is perfect for bulk filers, pedestals, bookcases, Computer desks, boardroom tables etc.


New Add To Quote Function Created

We Have Created An Add To Quote Function For Your Convenience.
To make use of this function you have to click on the button that says "add to quote list", which then opens a new page of the item you have chosen to add with more details about the product you may require or want a quote on.

The next page that you have chosen will ask you more info on the product you require such as which type of chair you need, which color you may require and a comment section where you can specify how you want the specific item to be quoted on.

The final step is to "view your quote basket" and click on "submit quote". After you click on submit quote it is required that you enter your contact information so that a shape office employee may send you a quotation on the items you need.


Office furniture South Africa

Office furniture South Africa is a new company that sells office furniture. Office furniture South Africa plans to import the latest designs in office chairs, desks, canteen furniture, steel-furniture and sell them to the expanding furniture industry around the country. Office furniture South Africa is going to try bring in bulk office furniture and flooding the market with reasonably priced products. They plan to open branches in Durban, Cape Town and Centurion.

With more and more businesses opening up every day there is a massive need for our products. Office furniture South Africa will give huge discounts for clients that wish to buy bulk office furniture, with every one trying to make money. Prices are exploited so much that nothing is cheap anymore, so office furniture South Africa plans to import office furniture and sell them cheaper than they can be manufactured and sold in our own country.

Office furniture South Africa hopes to help start businesses, cut some of their starting cost down and in return wish that by word of mouth their clients spread some good words about them.

Office furniture South Africa would be focusing their attention on the hotel and restaurant industry and then spreading out to the rest of the country. Office furniture South Africa will have the latest modern office furniture designs and have the facility for you to decide on the color scheme you require.

The middle man - he is all around us, he empties our pockets, he buys directly from the suppliers and sells it at a higher price. To make his profit he is the one that is crippling us. Every year that goes by things will keep getting more and more expensive, office furniture South Africa will strives to help bring the middle man to his knees.